Theater Rental

Basic Rental Rate Sheet

Evening Rental, Sunday through Thursday*

  • Theater 1 (seats 95): $850 for 3 hours
  • Theater 2 (seats 75): $750 for 3 hours
  • Theater 3 (seats 50): $550 for 3 hours

*Evening rentals on Fridays and Saturdays are generally unavailable except as part of a full-week rental

Daytime Rental, Monday through Friday*

  • All Theaters: $300 for 3 hours

*Daytime rentals on Saturdays and Sundays are generally unavailable except as part of a full-week rental

Weekly Rental (“Four-Wall”) Rate

  • Theater 1 (seats 95): $7500
  • Theater 2 (seats 75): $6500
  • Theater 3 (seats 50): $5500

Reception Space:

  • 75 person capacity: $550 for 3 hours

Additional Details

  • We require full payment of the rental fee prior the event to secure the engagement.
  • Catering for events may be arranged at additional cost.
  • Rental fees include the costs of projectionist and concessions staff, as well as use of 35mm, Blu-Ray, DVD and some digital format playback equipment. Additional fees may apply or the rental of video playback equipment for other formats. A microphone and directors chairs will be supplied as needed at no additional cost.
  • Discounts may apply for the rental of multiple theaters and are arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • West End Cinema strongly recommends that films and videos are sent to the theater as early as possible so we can do a tech screening prior to your event.

All inquiries please email or call 202-419-3456